Seed Potato and Onion Sets Ordering

All potatoes come in 2.5kg bags except for Bartletts Premium at 2kg. Onions and shallots are loose in 500g bags. All potatoes are priced at £3, onions at £1.50 and shallots at £2. Hessian sacks are £1 each. The closing date for orders to reach Fiona by 20th November.

First early. 
Duke of York. Oval and yellow and semi-waxy. Good flavour. 
Red Duke of York. Good boiler and baker. 
Lady Christl. Oval and recommended by the RHS. 
Maris Bard. Easy to grow. 
Foremost. Popular with good flavour. 
Organic Colleen. New variety. Good all-rounder. Good disease resistance.

Second Early. 
Kestrel. Long shaped with blue eyes. Good yield. 
Nadine. White potato with good yield and eel worm resistant. 
Wilja. Good all-rounder. 
Catriona. Good tasty old favourite. 
Vivaldi. Albert Bartlett premium. RHS recommended. 
Divaa. New variety. White skinned good for mash, chips and roasts. Eel worm resistance.

Main Crops. 
Cara. Resistant to scale, drought and oval with red eyes. 
King Edward. Oval, floury with red eyes. 
Sarpo Mira. Famous for its blight resistance. 
Rooster. Albert Bartlett premium. 
Mozart. New variety. Red skinned and high yield. Good disease resistance.

Salad Potatoes. 
Pink Fir Apple. Distinctive flavour and recommended by the RHS. 
Charlotte. Reliable and resistant to blight. 
Nicola. Creamy firm flesh. Best steamed, boiled or roasted whole.

Sturon. Traditional and reliable. 
Red Baron. Attractive purple salad. Easy to grow and a RHS variety.

Golden Gourmet. Hardy and bolt resistant. RHS variety. 
Red Sun. Red tinged, good yield and stores well.

Hessian sacks. Decent size and good value.

We need a minimum of 5 different orders across the site to make this worthwhile. Last year only 1 was received. If you are interested in ordering please email Fiona Wolfenden at

Deadline for orders 20th November. Delivery in February.